Duck, Duck, Goose

Number of Participants Required: 4+
Equipment Needed: none
Time: 5+

How to Play:

  • Have children make a circle in the middle of the gym
    • One person is ‘it’ they are the fox
  • The fox walks/wheels around the circle behind the circle tapping each person on the head and saying ‘duck’ as they pass by
  • At the time the fox chooses they tap someone on the head and shout “goose”.
  • The fox runs/wheels as quickly as they can around the circle. The "goose" then chases the ‘it person’ in the same direction as the person who is running.
  • If the fox reaches the gap left by the goose in the circle before he is tagged, he is "safe" and the goose becomes the new fox. If the goose tags the fox, the fox must be the fox again


  • None