Witches, Goblins and Monsters

Number of Participants Required: 6+
Equipment Needed: None
Time: 5 +

How to Play:

  • Split the class into two even groups.
  • Each group huddles in a corner and decides whether they want to be a Witch, Goblin, or Monster.
  • When both groups have secretly decided, they stand in the middle of the gym facing each other.
  • On the count of three one person from each group yells out what they are (Witches, Goblins, or Monster).
    • Witches chase Goblins, Goblins chase Monsters, and Monsters chase Witches
  • One group is chasing the other group or running from the other group depending on what they decided they were going to be
    • Example: If group one chose Witches, and group two chose Monsters....then group one runs to their safe home base because Monsters chase Witches
    • Whoever is tagged joins the other team for the next round
  • To repeat the activity, groups should then return to a huddle and choose what they want to be